eBook & Audio



To start reading or listening on your device at home, you will need to install the Libby app available on your device's app store.

Libby Set-Up Instructions:

*You will only need to follow these steps for the initial set up.  Once set up, skip to step 9.

1.Find and install the Libby app from the AppStore.
2. Once installed, open the app.
3. The app will ask you if you have a library card, click "Yes".
4. Click "I'll search for a Library", and enter "51450" for the zip code.
5. Click the one that says "Lake VIew Public Library".
6. You will need to click on "Lake VIew Public Library" (in maroon colored type)
7.Enter your card number and select sign in.
8. Once your Card is loaded, click Next and it will open Bridges, where you are now able to browse, search and check out materials to your device.
9. Once open, click on "Library" in the lower-left corner to browse Bridges, or click on "Shelf" in the lower right corner to see/open the materials you have checked out.