Library Policies


1.The Lake View Public Library is designed for the use of all members of the community.  Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members, and to use the library for its intended purpose.

2. The Library Director and other staff members to whom authority is delegated shall have the responsibility of enforcig discipline within the library.

3. The Library Director or delegated staff shall determine when behavior is inappropriate in the library.

4. Response to inappropriate behavior should be immediate.

5. The following kinds of behavior shall not be allowed in the library:

    a. any behavior that endangers the safety or health of others

    b. violation of any local, state or federal law within the library

    c. vandalism or deliberate destruction of library material

    d.theft of library materials or the personal property of the patrons or staff members

    e.smoking, eating or drinking in areas not designated for these activities

    f. other kinds of behavior deemed inappropriate by the library staff



1. Computer-literate children of the third grade level and above may use the computers without an adult. Parental permission form must be on file.

2. Only one person may use a computer during any sign-up time unless specific permission is given by the librarian.

3. The computer shall be available to the public during the hours that the library is open.  The time that is unavailable due to library use will be marked on the sign-up sheet.  There is a 30-minute time limit in case of a waiting list.

4. The user must sign the sheet personally.

5. Printed copies shall be charged ten cents per sheet for black and white copies; 50 cents for each colored copy.

    *Exception: six sheets are free to students doing school work

6. Computer-use warnings and instructions are posted. PLEASE READ!

7. Abuse of the computer shall eliminate access to it by the patron.

8. No food or drink is allowed in the computer room.



     The Lake View Public Library provides free wireless internet access free of charge for patrons who have the required hardware and software needed for this service.  By choosing to use this service you agree to abide by the Library's Internet Policy that prohibits abusive or illegal activity while using the service.

     1. Only parents and legal guardians have the right and responsibility to monitor and control their own minor children's access to the internet and to information obtained from the internet.

     2. Use of the wireless network is at your own risk and Lake View Public Library is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer while connected. (Code of Iowa Section 716A) The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equpment or for notebook/laptop computers or other wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the library wireless access. Users must keep their equipment with them at all times.

     3. The Lake View Public Library cannot guarantee confidentiality over the Internet. Patrons entering personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) do so at their own risk.

     4. Wireless networks are transmitted via radio waves and are therefore susceptible to potential 'eavesdropping', so patrons should be aware of what they are transmitting over this open network.  In addition, patrons are responsible for maintaining up-to-date anti-virus software and firewalls.



A. Loan Periods

     1. Books: 2 weeks; may be renewed by phone

     2. DVDs : 1 week

     3. Periodicals: 1 week

     4. Audio books: 2 weeks

B. Fines for overdue materials

     1. books - no fines

     2. DVDs - 35 cents per day per DVD

     3. periodicals - no fines

C. Follow-up procedure

     1. Seven to ten days after material is due the patron shall be called and asked to return item(s)

     2. Two weeks -first notice sent

     3. Third week - second notice sent

     4. Fourth week - send bill for items



     Patron donations are limited to books and puzzles in excellent condition, classics, or authored by popular authors. 



     If a patron enters the library and in (staff) opinion he/she is in need of medical assistance, call 911 immediately.  An ambulance will be dispatched at the time of the call.  Continue with the 911 instructions until help arrives.  If the person is not transported to a hospital there is no charge for ambulance service.  Charges for the ambulance will be filed against the person transported.  Whenever such an incident occurs in the library or the library personnel is involved in the incident, an anecdotal report needs to be filed under Emergency Procedure with the date and all procedures included.

     The Lake View Library, which is located next door to a medical clinic, has been designated as a site for any medical overflow  cases due to natural disasters or other major causes of mass injuries.