Library Policies

POLICY ON OVERDUE LIBRARY MATERIAL          Reviewed January 2023

A. Loan Periods:

     1. Books--two weeks; may be renewed by phone

     2. DVDs--one week

     3. Periodicals--two weeks

     4. Audio books--two weeks

B. Fines for overdue materials:

     1. Books--none

     2. DVDs--.35 cents per day

     3. Periodicals--none

C. Follow-up procedure

     1. Patrons are notified via mail and given a generous amount of time to return items.

     2. If items are not returned, patron is not allowed to check others out.

     3. Patrons are expected to pay the cost of replacing any lost item.


BOOK SELECTION POLICY          Reviewed January 2023

The Lake View Public Library recognizes the responsibility of providing library materials and services to meet the needs of the individuals and to be capable of meeting the requirement of individualized service to the patron.

     1.  Books and/or library materials selection shall be done by the Board of Trustees and the librarian.     

     2.  Selection of books/other library materials shall be made on the basis of value and interest, information and

          enlightenment to all people of the community.  No book and/or other library material shall be excluded because

          of race, nationality, or political or social points of view of the author or reader.

     3.  This Board believes that selection is a purely individual matter, and declares that while anyone is free to reject for

          himself books of which he does not approve, he cannot exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom of 

           others to read.

     4.   This Board defends the principles of the freedom to read and declares that whenever censorship is involved no

            book and/or library material shall be removed from the library save under the orders of a court and competent


     5.   This Board adopts and declares that it will adhere to and support:

            a.  the Library Bill of Rights

            b.  the Freedom to Read Statements adopted by the American Library Association, both of which may be found in 

                 the Trustees' Library Guide--2021 Edition

             c. freedom to view

     6.  The librarian and Library Board of Trustees reserve the right to limit gifts according to the following specifications:

           a.  amount of space available in the library

           b.  duplication or propriety

           c.  accordance with the specifications set forth in the policy

     7.  The Library Board of Trustees and the librarian may withdraw books/other library materials according to:

           a.  duplication

           b.  amount of space

           c.  relevancy, wear, and damages

     8.   This policy shall be reviewed every three years.



The Lake View Public Library protects the privacy of library records and the confidentiality of patron use of the library as required by relevant laws.  In addition, the Lake View Public Library Board of Trustees supports the principle of freedom of inquiry for library patrons, and has adopted this policy to protect against the unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of library users.