Meeting Rooms

Our new meeting room edition is now available for public use.  There are two rooms with a kitchenette in the north room. 


1. Civic, charity groups, local card clubs, and school-associated groups may use the room at no charge or a gift at your discretion.
2. Private events such as birthday parties, shower events, sales events, business meetings, etc. have a donation fee of : $20.00 for the south room; $30.00 for the north room, or $50.00 for both rooms for local residents.  For non-local groups the fee is $40.00 for the south room; $60.00 for north room, or $100.00 for both rooms.
3. No alcohol without prior board approval.
4. An agreement needs to be signed by those using the room for private events.  Use will be limited to individuals in good standing in the area.
5. Room use will be allowed on a first come basis and can be reserved by calling the library.
6. A key will be provided for events that use the room outside regular library hours with the signed agreement to cover either loss of the key or damaged equpment or interior.
7. All food and drink items need to be provided by the user and not left in the area.  Area should be left in the clean condition you found it.
8. If using the library outside of library hours, the automatic door will not be functional.
9. If planning on using any decorations, check with a staff member before using. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON WALLS, CEILING OR ACCORDION WALL. Table and counter decorations are acceptable.
10. A staff member ONLY will see that the room is divided when necessary.
11. Table and chairs are users' responsibility for set up and take down.
12. Any cancelled events need to be called in (ASAP) to assure space for any other group wanting to use the room.